Welcome to the spa hotel Damülserhof in Vorarlberg

Welcome to Hotel Damuelserhof

Feel at home from the moment you walk in the door.
It’s congenial, friendly, tasteful, personalised, recommendable, stylish and genuine! Enjoy an ambience where comfort and reliability are combined with warmth, hospitality and every modern comfort.

The epitome of winter!

Ski holidays

Enjoy the hospitality of the world’s snowiest village!

Damüls has the reputation of being one of the loveliest and snowiest ski resorts in the Alps. It’s a Mecca for all winter sports fans - skiers snowboarders and carvers - who flock here annually to enjoy the best weeks of the year. Whether you yearn for the buzzing heart of the ski scene or prefer the peace of unspoilt natural scenery, you’ll find everything you’re looking for: winter sports, relaxation, wellness and lots of activities.

Winter in the Damülser Hof
Damülser Hof restaurant

Culinary delights

Enjoy the variety and the novelty of choosing your own cosy corner.

Where do we buy the milk for the breakfast buffet? Very locally, actually. It comes from our own happy mountain cows! Come and enjoy the unrivalled quality of our tasty, locally sourced produce.

A feeling of well-being

Why not turn your back on the stresses of everyday life, surround yourself with warmth and try to feel at one with the elements? The aim of our „Luwafeer“ wellness complex is to reintroduce the four elements, air, water, fire and earth, to the focal point of our being. 

It's about trying to switch off and restore your inner harmony, even if that is a bit hard to imagine during the stress of the working day!
It's about listening to the beat of your own heart, feeling at peace with yourself and with the world. It's about learning to breathe deeply and taking time out to boost your own sense of well-being.

Wellness in the Damülser Hof